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The following Hunter’s Trace residents have volunteered to serve on the subdivision Board of Directors for 2018.  Any Hunter’s Trace homeowner is welcome and encouraged to volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors or on a Committee. The time commitment is minimal with four, one-hour board meetings and one, annual meeting each year.

  • President: Joseph Johnson.

Phone: 404-966-6388. E-mail:

  • Vice President: Joy B. Jones.

Phone: 770-597-1114. E-mail:

  • Secretary: Peter Ashton Lyon.

Phone: 404-626-9024. E-mail:

  • Treasurer:  Eric Cooney.

Phone: 404-307-9852. E-mail:

  • Adult Social Committee Chair: Joy B. Jones.

Phone: 770-597-1114. E-mail: 

  • Architectural Committee Chair: Matt Hepp.

Phone: 678-292-8545. E-mail: 

  • Childrens' Social Committee Chair: Melanie Johnson.

Phone: 678-641-7382. E-mail:

  • Communications Committee Chair: Peter Ashton Lyon.

Phone: 404-626-9024. E-mail:

  • Park Committee Chair: Peter Ashton Lyon.

Phone: 404-626-9024. E-mail:

  • Welcome Committee Chair: MaryJo Foster.

Phone: 770-334-7225. E-mail: 

All Hunter's Trace residents are welcome to contact any of the above Board members to get involved and contribute their time to improve our subdivision. You can also reach the Board members by mail to: Hunter's Trace Homeowners' Association, P. O. Box 71132, Marietta, GA 30007.