The Cobb County 2019 school year ends on Wednesday, May 22nd. Please be mindful of more children riding bikes and walking on the street.  Drive carefully.



For many years the house at 1500 Old Hunter's Lake Drive has been sitting vacant. It's owner used the house as a storage unit and did very little to maintain the yard or the exterior of the building.

The home changed hands to an investor and then was ultimately bought by Phillip and Krista Posey.

Phillip and Krista and their three boys have totally upgraded their yard and exterior appearance. Shrubs have been cut back, dead trees removed, and new grass planted. For this effort, the Hunter's Trace Homeowners' Association will reward the Posey family with "Most Improved Yard" award and will receive a $50 gift card and recognition for their efforts.

Thank you Phillip and Krista and welcome again to Hunter's Trace.





Our subdivision's front entrance will be repaired, cleaned and painted soon. Over the years, weather and age has taken its toll.


An updated Hunter's Trace Neighborhood Resident Directory has been developed and only available to verifiable residents who request one. In the directory a resident can find the name, address and phone number for your neighbors. The directory can be used to reach out to your neighbors to socialize as well as provide security to report an unwanted activity. To request a copy, e-mail a note with your name and address to: 


Your Hunter's Trace Homeowners' Association plays a vital part in managing our common property (our Park and our Entrance), protecting our property values by enforcing Cobb County Code requirements and those standards set by our subdivision covenants, and developing enjoyable events for our children and adults to socialize such as Movie-In-The-Park, Ladies Night Out and Events for Children.

We can do more, but the HOA Board needs more volunteers to help. The time commitment to serve on the HOA Board is minimal, about 12 hours per year (one hour a month, average), the work is not difficult, and the rewards of socializing with your neighbors and helping to maintain the value of our respective properties is great.  To volunteer, please contact one of the HOA Board members on the Contacts page or e-mail a note to:



  • Residents can save money by contracting with American Disposal Services, Inc. (ADS) to receive a discount. The monthly charge is only $14.50 per month for trash pickup (trash and recycling). Trash collection for Hunter's Trace is every Thursday.  American Disposal Services, Inc.(ADS) will provide one (1) 96-gallon garbage cart and one (1) 65-gallon recycling cart for each home. Additionally, ADS will provide for special pickups (not to exceed two cubic yards in volume) to be collected at curbside on the trash collection day each week by appointment only at no additional charge. There will be a charge for collection and removal of white goods (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.) in accordance with ADS fees for such services. To sign-up, call American Disposal Services @ 678-720-0500 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Be sure to mention Hunter's Trace Homeowners' Association in order to receive the discount. Here is a link to the contract: American Disposal Company


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All homeowners must contact the HOA to get permission to remove mature trees. Your cooperation ensures your safety, but at the same time maintains the aesthetics of Hunter's Trace which has been known for having a lot of mature trees. To get permission, go to the Contact Us page on this website and contact one of our Board members.